Fit and Healthy

Valle Verde (Arizona, USA) helps the local community to become fit and healthy
Families are being encouraged to get fit together, thanks to an ongoing program sponsored in part by District 5500 Rotarians. Eighteen months ago, Valle Verde Rotary Club partnered with the United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona to form the Sahuarita Health & Wellness Committee. This led to an approach to the Town of Sa- huarita with the idea of starting a continuing health and fitness pro- gram, which was subse- quently embraced by the Parks & Recreation Department. In 2010 this partnership led to the successful Harvest your Fitness Fall Challenge, designed to encourage Sahuarita- area children and parents to exercise by providing an achievable eight-week training program for the 5k walk/ run event at the Sahuarita Pecan Festival. It also in- cluded incentives to complete the program. Inspired by the success of this event, the Rotary Club is now helping to sponsor the Step into Spring Get Fit Challenge.

The Challenge includes a step contest and prizes for the top adult male, adult female and youth participants who the most steps recorded on their pedometer. The program runs for six weeks where pedometer steps are recorded at each Saturday session – the last session is March 26 – and where local fitness experts offer their help.
And thanks to the sponsorship of Valle Verde Rotary Club, which has received a District Sim- plified Grant for this program, it is free to all participants.
―I think it will give other clubs the idea of making their communities a healthier place to live,
said Gary Friedman, Valle Verde’s Foundation Chair and a member of the Health & Wellness Committee.
For more information about the program visit http:// parks-a-recreation/harvest-your-fitness.html


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