Heart Health

“A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes.”

– Mohandas K. Gandhi

For some timeI have been meaning to read Jill Bolt Taylors “My Stroke of Insight” and made a conscious choice to read it during “Heart Health” month. I would be remiss to let February go by without speaking about stroke and it’s dramatic impact on ones life. Changing your lifestyle can greatly reduce your risk of stroke and heart disease but nothing I have to say on the subject can do justice to the insider view that Dr Jill Taylor provides. It is near miraculous that someone who devoted her entire life to studying the brain would suffer an event of this magnitude and recover completely to tell us about what happened. The attached link from TED is well worth watching on so many levels and is just a brief taste of what the book has to offer. Missing from the video is how those of us caring for and friending the person experiencing a stroke can be most helpful. I highly recommend the book.


Another area that cannot be ignored is the effect of stress and anger on the heart. There is ample evidence to support the role of hostility in developing heart disease. The heart has always been associated with emotion. Words like “hard hearted”, “cold hearted”, and “open hearted” come to mind. When we watch a movie that elicits positive emotions we call it “heart warming”. Take some time this month to examine what is in your heart? It may have more effect on your cardio vascular health than you imagine. Consider stress management options that include some form of activity like walking, dancing or yoga and you will help your heart in two ways simultaneously!


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