China Health Fairs – what’s coming?

China Health Fairs will be held in three villages in the LongChuan District of Yunnan Province, China.
October 16th – Nongguan Health Village in Zhangfeng Town

October 17th – Guangson Health Village in Jinghan Town

October 18th – Manmao Heath Village in Chengzi Town

The objective of this series of health fairs is to provide villagers with overall basic knowledge about health with particular focus on HIV/AIDS prevention education, the dangers of drugs and alcohol abuse – including tobacco, women and children’s healthcare, cardio-cerebral-vascular disease, breast cancer, diabetes, and the correct application of medicines.

The Chinese are planning educational entertainment by organizing games and plays related to each subject to make it easy for the villagers to understand.

Rotary’s is very appreciative of the HuaQiao Foundation which is providing the administration, recruitment and education of volunteer students to assist Rotary in making these health fairs successful.

All the best,

Patricia Fiske

Denver Mile High Rotary


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