Merida, Mexico Health Fair

Hajra Wilson

The VI Merida Health Fair 2010 organized by the 5 Rotary Clubs of Merida, Yucatan was held on 16th and 17th April 2010. In spite of the inclement weather, the Fair was well attended.

Friday 16th April, the students from 6 public schools in Merida were bused in to the Poliforum Zuma Arena. The whole arena was turned into a “great doctors office” where free health services were provided. The entire space was made available for the adults, students, families and senior citizens.

The Health Fair offered the following services: dentistry, cholesterol tests, glucose, triglycerides, blood pressure, bone density, mammography, physiotherapy other clinical analysis. Several university departments were on hand to provide many services. It provided valuable experience for the students, who were very please to be included.

The Lions Club of Merida assisted with eye exams and eye glasses were provided to those in need.

Juanita Castro, a resident of the Colony South Plan de Alaya, who was one the recipients of some of the tests. “I heard about the Health Fair and arrived and discovered there was no waiting and all the young people were very polite. I was seen quickly and received very good treatment and advice, besides it was free. Visiting a doctor in his office is very expensive and the wait times are much longer,” she said.

The students attended seminars on drug prevention of legal and illegal, the effects of alcohol also birth control. There also seminars on sex education. There were also seminars for adults on similar subjects and abused prevention, nutrition.

The Regional Coordinator, Ruby Riverio Gonzales states that “there is a great need for us to continue holding this health fair annually so that we may provide for those in need, who would not otherwise receive medical advice”.

The Rotary booth manned by the local Rotarians from the 5 clubs and Hajra Wilson, Rotary Club of Cambridge North, District 7080. The “bionic’ baby was used to teach the young students on caring for young infant. This booth had also several displays on effects of smoking, “Little Annie” was used to teach CPR and as always toothbrushes and tooth paste was distributed. Canadian dentists from the Cambridge North Club, Canada very kindly donated.

Plans are already on the way for the next Health Fair.


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