China Health Fair

Starting a health fair in a new country can be pretty intimidating –
especially in a country like China, where the potential and challenges seem so great. New language, new team, new culture, different system of government. Will the health fair concept of health education and early detection of diseases appeal to local health authorities and more importantly to the Chinese people? The answer is a resounding “YES”.

The first Rotary supported health fair in China was held on April 3-5, 2010 at the Second People’s Hospital in LinChan, Yunan Province. Over 200 people from outlying villages came to the hospital to receive blood tests and health screenings. Medical students explained exhibits and posters about drinking, high blood pressure, diabetes, TB, smoking, menopause, CPR and kidney stones. The enthusiastic participants asked many questions.

Of course the first health fair is always a learning experience. But the solid results from this health fair bode well for the next series of health fairs in the remote villages of Yunan Province 16-18 October 2010. Won’t you join us?


One Response to “China Health Fair”

  1. Phil Silvers Says:

    Will and Steve,

    Congratulations on the China experience. Wonderful gift to the underserved rural areas of China. Tremendous contribution to progress in returning Rotary to China. Thank you for being intrepid ambassadors!

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