Yelizovo Health Fair Center

On March, 20 Yelizovo Rotary club conducted a mobile Health Fair for the two neighbouring settlements of Yelizovo region.
The Health Fair took place in a school in the Nikolayevka settlement. People living in the Sosnovka settlement were transported to the Health Fair by bus. The participating doctors conducted seminars and consultations and 2 laboratories were in work at the Health Fair. The visitors could undergo free-of-charge blood glucose evaluation as well as HIV test and viral hepatitis tests. The students of Kamchatka Medical College assisted Health Fair visitors in measuring their blood pressure and teaching first aid techniques in cases of home or road traffic accidents using educational models. Volunteering high school students surveyed Health Fair visitors to identify AIDS and Viral Hepatitis risk groups and demonstrated exhibits of Kamchatka Affiliate of the Health Fairs Center. About 3000 informational handouts (posters, booklets and brochures) were distributed at the Health Fair. Films on smoking and other harmful habits hazard were screened. 565 visitors, 43 volunteers and 13 doctors participated in the Health Fair.


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