Krasnodar, Russia, Health Fair D2220

After the HF training seminar for Rotary clubs of European part of Russia held in the village Blagoveshenskaya in the autumn, 2009 Rotarians in Krasnodar were inspired by the ideas and the experience of other Rotarians. We decided to pay more attention to prevention (prophylactics) at our Health Fairs.

On the 6th of February, 2010 Krasnodar Rotarians and Rotaractors together with the head of the Prevention Center from Sochi (Lydia Batischeva), Rotarians from Irkutsk living now in Anapa (an artist Vladislav Nesynov and his wife Marina) and some doctors (a therapist, an ophthalmologist and dentists) came to Ahtyrskiy orphanage (situated 80 km from Krasnodar).

80 children of 9 – 17 years old live in this orphanage. All of them participated in the Health Fair. Children received various leaflets with recommendations on healthy lifestyle and discussed them in groups. The youngest learned the human organs with the help of the special west; doctors told them about healthy eating habits and physical exercises, give advises on healthy lifestyle in general. Teenagers listen to the lecture about negative results of smoking and drinking alcohol, they shared their life experience (most of the children lived with parents-alcoholics) and on practice they tried to find the way out of some difficult situations that they could face in their life.

After the lecture teenagers had an opportunity to talk to a lawyer (a friend of RC Tatiana Kazarova) who answered the questions about orphans’ future, about some obstacles they could face when they’d leave the orphanage.

Several talented children participated in master-class held by the artist Vladislav Nesynov. Beside some rules and helpful hints of painting he told children of the necessity to take care of their health, of the right position of a body at the table.

During the whole day doctors were checking children. The ophthalmologist Alexey Sergienko checked the eyesight and gave children some recommendations. The dentists checked teeth, gave children toothbrushes and toothpaste. Besides Rotarians brought special posters on the rules of teeth brushing, because it appeared that not all children know these rules.

Our club will continue prevention works in the orphanage. Together with volunteers from the Prevention Center Rotarians for several months will come to the orphanage and hold lectures on prevention of alcoholic and drug addiction, trying to show on their own example that it’s possible, having good social orientation, healthy habits, live healthy and happy life.

Besides we hope that very soon two more Rotary clubs will be organizes in Krasnodar region (in Novorossiysk and Anapa) and we plan to attract their members into this project.


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