Moscow East Health Fairs

Health Fair

Information letter


Health Fairs Center of RC Moscow-East continues its activity.

Every new Health Fair gives us additional ideas, helps to implement new ways of informing population, and increases the experience of club members and volunteers.

In 2009 two Health Fairs were held, one in the House of Culture in Novogereevo and the second in Children’s Rehabilitation Center “Zabota”.

Health Fairs is a set of different applied and educating actions, consultations of doctors, examinations on some measures (measuring tension, stomatology and others). Interactive theatre show performed by creative studios (theatre, dancing and aerobics studio) usually attracts an attention of guests. During Health Fairs a demo of healthful programmes for children and senior citizens is presented very lively and interesting.

Despite all this we’re always thinking how we may use our equipment more rational. In fact Health Fair is a huge event that couldn’t be arranged as often as we’d like. And we’re looking for new forms of a job in this direction. In cooperation with the Moscow region Children’s library (Moscow region, Tushino) we arranged several Health lessons for pupils using our equipment: doll-robot, smoker’s lungs, glasses with an effect of drunken state. Doctors, librarians and teachers were represented as tutors during those lessons. Children showed a big interest to such lessons.

In the spring this year the club and the library have decided to make such lessons to be permanent. One of the directions in the work of Children’s libraries is an advocacy of the healthy life-style. Thanks to the equipment, methodology and hand-outs that we have, Moscow libraries may cover vast children’s audience and arrange for them both Health Fairs and health lessons.

Regarding all the above we’ve decided to equip a Demo Health Room in the regional library in Domodedovo. By starting the new school year there will be arranged everyday Health lessons. A new building of the library allows arranging there more mass events in frames of Health Fair.

For holding the subjects on the narrow topics such as an influence of alcohol for human health, preventive measures of AIDS and others, we’ve purchased demo materials (charts and DVD movies). At the expense of Health Fair we’ve bought a TV-set with LCD display and DVD-ROM player for demo of these movies.

We plan to complete equipping of a room of Health Fair before September, 1. The full list of equipment for a room is worked out with our partners.


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