Success in Kursk, Russia

Following is a report from Kursk:

During the year 2009 Kursk Health Fair Center concentrated its activities on promoting healthy lifestyle and the idea of such centers in the region. Dr. Sergey Shevchenko has presented the ideas of health centers to the Regional Health Care administration several times, and he also visited and spoke with several hospital heads, not to say that every mobile health fair served as a promotion of the idea by itself. Our Center members were also seriously involved in working out a number of documents, which became the basis for the regional health center documents, such as medical charts, individual charts of a healthy lifestyle, medical personnel forms, and forms of annual reports.  Due to the local requests and to the offer of Mr. Will Files, we have published the second version of our book on how to organize mobile health fairs for children and youth (200 copies) and 50 copies were sent to the participants of the All-Russian Rotary HF conference in Krasnodar (October 2009).

Today, the whole situation in the country which is much more oriented towards a healthy lifestyle and the local activities allowed our Center to report that due to a synergy of different parties’ efforts (including us), Kursk regional administration made a decision to open 4 (!) governmental Health Centers in the region: two – in Kursk on the basis of City Hospital No 3 and City Hospital No 6, one – in Lgov on the basis of the Lgov Central District Hospital, and one – in Zheleznogorsk within the Zheleznogorsk City Hospital. [Lgov and Zheleznogorsk are the largest cities within the Kursk region]. The order to open these centers was signed by the Head of the Kursk Regional Health Care Administration Dr. A.  Chikhirin.

These four centers were opened in October 2009, and Dr. Sergey Shevchenko was one of their primary consultants. These Health Centers are well equipped and ready to provide information and services to Kursk and local cities’ and villages’ citizens. The main goal is to work with the healthy population of the Kursk region (total population of the region is over 1 mln people) to provide this population with information and materials promoting healthy lifestyle and mostly with propaganda against smoking and drinking. The annual budget for these four centers in Kursk region is 29 million rubles (over US $950,000) for the year 2010; the plan is to provide 86,000 office visits within the four centers during the year. The attitude to these centers among the medical professionals and the population is not always fully supportive. Our goal is helping these centers to become truly efficient; because of this we are involved in their activities, and we have already been invited to help analyzing their first semiannual reports in July 2010.

During the year 2009, Kursk HF Center also organized 4 health fairs in Kurchatov, Fatezh, Lgov, and Zheleznogorsk. Total attendance of the local population was about 900 people, half of whom were teenagers and youth under 18 years old. We have been using our primary scheme, which allows providing educational, psychological, and medical help during the health fairs. The number of medical personnel involved was tentatively 50 medical doctors, interns, and nurses together with over 30 teachers-in-training, 4 psychologists, 4 local police officers, 2 specialists from the local Kursk Center which works with drug takers, etc.

There were also two smaller in size HFs , organized in the local Children’s Hospital and Secondary School No 27. The first in the hospital (December 2009) involved 42 children and 12 participants, mostly teachers-in-training, 2 doctors, and one psychologist. The other one at school No 27 (October 2009) concentrated on teenagers and problems of drug taking – about 60 students involved and 6 people from Kursk Health Center.

We consider that our main goal, which has been to promote healthy lifestyle and push the local authorities to start doing it on a governmental level, is fulfilled. We plan to go on with our mobile health fairs in local schools and preschools if we find funds for this; our local regional children’s hospital remains the focus of our attention together with local schools and preschools.

The last but not the least. We want to heartily thank Rotary International and personally Mr. Will Files, Steve Yoshida, and other Rotarians who were extremely helpful in this project, who were patient with us, and due to whose tremendous efforts our plans have come true. We are also grateful to the Vladivostok HF Center who became the first Russian HF “umbrella” to all of us.


Dr. Sergey Shevchenko

Prof. Dr. Tatyana Tsyrlina-Spady


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