Annual Report for 2009

World Health Fairs, a Rotarian Action Group


To collaborate with local Rotary clubs and districts to build sustainable local health fair programs.


In 2008-09, World Health Fairs, a Rotarian Action Group (WHF) reported 287 active members in 37 countries.

Annual Membership Dues: US$20

Lifetime Membership Dues: None

International Service Projects and Activities

WHF continues to build on current successes, expand into new countries, and increase membership.

In September 2008, 25 Health Fair Center leaders traveled to Dubna in Western Russia and attended the First

Annual Training Seminar. The first seminar was a huge success and lead to plans for a Second Annual Training


Rotarians in Mexico have continued their successful health fairs in the Merida area of Cancun, and

Villahermosa, Tabasco; there has also been activity in Celaya.

The government of Fiji has taken over most of the health fair operations started by Suva and Denver Rotarians,

but a few Rotary clubs still produce annual fairs.

Rotarian Action Groups

2008-09 Annual Report Page 8

Thailand has produced some health fair activity in the northern region.

In the U.S., WHF has active operations in Colorado, Wyoming and Alaska.

Contact Information

Chair: Will Files and Steve Yoshida

E-mail: and



2 Responses to “Annual Report for 2009”

  1. Bryan Zak Says:

    In Alaska we have the ability to catch and eat lots of fresh fish. Great to see a site with updates on Rotary Health Fairs.

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